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Ways to recognising what adult educators learn



Galloway S & Howie J (2015) Ways to recognising what adult educators learn. 44th Annual SCUTREA Conference 2015, University of Leeds, 07.07.2015-09.07.2015.

This paper describes the work of the REAL Project, a pan-European research initiative, funded by the European Union's Lifelong Learning Program, which developed tools to enable the recognition of the prior learning of adult educators across Europe. European adult educators demonstrate a wide range of skills, knowledge and practices in their everyday activity. Aside from teaching and assessment, activities such as coaching, mentoring, counselling and guidance, as well as programme development and the creation of educational materials, can feature as major aspects of their daily work. In addition, it is common for adult educators not to hold a teaching qualification, instead developing as successful practitioners through experiential learning (Milana, 2010). This creates challenges for adult educators who wish to have their experiential learning formally recognised, so that they might gain access to higher education or further their careers.

Adult Educators; Recognition of Prior Learning; REAL Project; Europe

This paper describes the European funded REAL Project: see

Publication date31/07/2015
Conference44th Annual SCUTREA Conference 2015
Conference locationUniversity of Leeds

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Dr Sarah Galloway

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