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Between Categories: The Films of Margaret Tait: Portraits, Poetry, Sound and Place

Neely S (2016) Between Categories: The Films of Margaret Tait: Portraits, Poetry, Sound and Place. Studies in the History and Culture of Scotland, 7. Oxford: Peter Lang.;

Margaret Tait – filmmaker, photographer, poet, painter, essayist and short story writer – is one of the UK’s most unique and remarkable filmmakers. She was the first female filmmaker to create a feature-length film in Scotland (Blue Black Permanent, 1992). Although for most of her career Tait remained focused on the goal of making a feature-length film, her most notable and groundbreaking work was arguably as a producer of short films. The originality of her work, and its refusal to accept perceived barriers of genre, media and form, continues to inspire new generations of filmmakers.  This book aims to address the lack of sustained attention given to Tait’s large body of work, offering a contextualisation of Tait’s films within a general consideration of Scottish cinema and artists’ moving image. Furthermore, the book’s grounding in detailed archival research offers new insights into Scotland (and Britain) in the twentieth century, relating to a diverse range of subjects and key figures, such as John Grierson, Forsyth Hardy, Hugh MacDiarmid, Lindsay Anderson and Michael Powell.

Author(s)Neely, Sarah
Title of seriesStudies in the History and Culture of Scotland
Number in series7
Publication date30/11/2016
PublisherPeter Lang
Publisher URL
Place of publicationOxford
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