Biogeochemistry of brachiopod intracrystalline molecules


Curry GB, Cusack M, Walton D, Endo K, Clegg H, Abbott G & Armstrong H (1991) Biogeochemistry of brachiopod intracrystalline molecules. Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences, 333 (1268), pp. 359-366.

Brachiopods contain both proteins and lipids within the biocrystals of their shell. Evidence is presented which suggests that at least some of the breakdown products of indigenous intracrystalline molecules can be recovered from the biocrystals of fossil brachiopod shells. Investigations of the remains of these intracrystalline molecules in fossils have geological application in fields such as environmental reconstruction, isotopic determinations, taxonomy and the interpretation of color in extinct organisms. -from Authors

Philosophical Transactions B: Biological Sciences: Volume 333, Issue 1268

Publication date30/09/1991
PublisherRoyal Society