Nudge Management: Wie Führungskräfte kluges Selbstmanagement anstoßen



Ebert P, Schubert T & Freibichler W (2017) Nudge Management: Wie Führungskräfte kluges Selbstmanagement anstoßen. Zeitschrift Fuehrung und Organisation, 86 (2), pp. 82-86.

Self-management of so-called knowledge workers, such as engineers, scientists, social scientists as well as econ- omists, is a crucial aspect in securing enduring success of a company as well as an important aspect of personal de- velopment. Most workers have a good grasp of how they ought to self-manage, yet, only very rarely they manage to live up to this ideal. However, managers can draw on the results from behavioral economics and science to help their employees to improve their behaviour in subtle and often unconscious ways. Digital as well as physical nudg- es facilitate improvements in the individual’s self-man- agement. Leading technology companies such as Google have long adopted this kind of approach and applied it systematically; more recently some companies in the D-A-CH region – in particular medium-sized companies as well as some multinationals – have started applying in- sights from nudge-theory quite generally. One exciting area for this approach is to support employees in their self-management, which, in the digital era, can have far reaching consequences for the success of the company as a whole. Wie können Führungskräfte die Selbststeuerung ihrer Mitarbeiter verbessern? Oftmals wissen die Mitarbeiter zwar, wie sie sich verhalten sollten – sie tun es jedoch nicht. Nudge Management nutzt Erkenntnisse der Verhaltenswissenschaften, um Menschen zu helfen, sich unbewusst richtig zu verhalten. Manager führender Techno­logieunternehmen aus dem Silicon Valley verbessern dadurch bereits heute die Produktivität ihrer Wissensarbeiter.

Nudge management; organisational management

Zeitschrift Fuehrung und Organisation: Volume 86, Issue 2

Publication date30/04/2017
Date accepted by journal12/12/2016
PublisherSchaeffer-Poeschel Verlag
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Professor Philip Ebert

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