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The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control



Acharya A, Angus K, Asma S, Bettcher DW, Blackman K, Blecher E, Borland R, Ciecierski C, Commar AA, Cui M, da Costa e Silva VL, David AM, Delipalla S, Emery S & Hastings G (2016) The Economics of Tobacco and Tobacco Control. Chaloupka F (Editor), Fong G (Editor) & Yürekli A (Editor) NCI Tobacco Control Monograph Series, 21. Bethesda, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and World Health Organization.

This monograph, a joint effort of the U.S. National Cancer Institute and World Health Organization, examines economic issues in tobacco and tobacco control, including the supply and demand of tobacco products. This first chapter frames the issues addressed in the monograph and describes its organization around key topic areas. Each monograph chapter focuses on the global evidence on these issues, particularly the evidence from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The closing sections of this chapter present chapter conclusions and major overall conclusions generated by the work presented here. Experts in economics, tobacco control, public policy, public health, and other related fields from every region in the world, including high-income countries and LMICs, were assembled to provide the research and analyses presented within these pages. It is hoped that this monograph will help inform the implementation of global tobacco control efforts in the 21st century.

cancer; tobacco control; U.S. National Cancer Institute; NCI; World Health Organization; WHO; Framework Convention on Tobacco Control; tobacco; smoking; cessation; cigarettes; tobacco leaf; economics; supply and demand; manufacturing; farming; privatization; trade; trends; markets; costs; economies; tax; price; evidence; research; analysis; global; world; low-income counties; middle-income countries; LMICs; high-income countries; public policy; youth access; mass media; campaigns; public health; poverty; inequality; morbidity; mortality; healthcare

Additional co-authors: Dongbo Fu, C.K. Gajalakshmi, Vendhan Gajalakshmi, Mark Goodchild, Emmanuel Guindon, Prakash Gupta, Reviva Hasson, Luminita S Hayes, Sara Hitchman, Kinh Hoang-Van, Jidong Huang, Andrew Hyland, Nathan Jones, John Keyser, Pierre Kopp, Harry Lando, David Levy, James Lightwood, Christine Logel, Benn McGrady, Yumiko Mochizuki-Kobayashi, Mario Monsour, Nigar Nargis, Richard J. O’Connor, Maizurah Omar, Zeynep Önder, William Onzivu, Anne-Marie Perucic, Armando Peruga, Vinayak M. Prasad, Martin Raw, Cecily S. Ray, Lyn Reed, Bung-on Ritthiphakdee, Hana Ross, Jennifer Ruger, Henry Saffer, Genevieve Sansone, Natalie Sansone, Fatwa Sari Tetra Dewi, Kerstin Schotte, Omar Shafey, Yoon-Jeong Shin, Giorgio Sincovich, John Tauras, Mark Travers, Édouard Tursan d’Espaignet, Marco Vargas, Mandeep K. Virk-Baker, Corné van Walbeek, Charles W. Warren, Marzenna Anna Weresa, Xin Xu, Eduard Zaloshnja, Lei Zhang, Ping Zhang

Title of seriesNCI Tobacco Control Monograph Series
Number in series21
Publication date31/12/2016
PublisherU.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute, and World Health Organization
Publisher URL…m21_complete.pdf
Place of publicationBethesda, MD

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Ms Kathryn Angus

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