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Celebrity Fans and Their Consumer Behaviour: Autoethnographic Insights into the Life of a Fan



Wohlfeil M (2018) Celebrity Fans and Their Consumer Behaviour: Autoethnographic Insights into the Life of a Fan. Routledge Interpretive Market Research, 25. Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

This book explores the widespread consumption phenomenon of celebrity fandom and provides a detailed overview of its previous conceptualization across different academic fields. The chapters take the reader on a narrative journey into a consumer’s parasocial fan relationship with an admired celebrity. Using thereby the author’s autoethnographic account of his personal fan relationship with a film actress as a case study, this detailed study examines why consumers can become emotionally attached to a celebrity and how the parasocial fan relationship can add meaning to their life. By exploring the complex nature of consumer experiences, Celebrity Fandom and Consumer Behaviour uncovers the (para)social link between the celebrity and the individual consumer’s personal desires. This book has an interdisciplinary appeal and will provide an insightful read to marketing scholars and researchers within the fields of consumer behaviour, celebrity and fan studies. Markus Wohlfeil is Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Stirling, UK. His research focuses on celebrity fandom and the film industry, particularly in areas such as consumer behaviour, tourism and marketing. He also has a personal interest in filmmaking and other creative industries such as music, theatre and literature. ‘Presenting an in-depth analysis of his own lived fan experiences, Markus Wohlfeil challenges established theories of fandom. Going beyond concepts of ‘fan community’ and (re)humanising texts of media celebrity, this is a provocatively brilliant book. Drawing on narrative transportation theory, fan phenomenology and, above all, its author’s self-reflexive honesty, Celebrity Fandom and Consumer Behaviour is thoroughly compelling.' - Matt Hills, Professor, University of Huddersfield, and Author of Fan Cultures, 2002 -

Celebrity Fandom; Film Stardom; Film Actors & Actresses; Fan Studies; Film Fans; Consumer Behaviour; Consumer Research; Autoethnography; Introspection; Existential-Phenomenology; Jena Malone; Jennifer Lawrence; Natalie Portman

The book is based on the author's PhD research

Title of seriesRoutledge Interpretive Market Research
Number in series25
Publication date28/02/2018
Publisher URL…ok/9780815387275
Place of publicationAbingdon, Oxon