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Social Entrepreneurs: Can They Change the World?

Thompson M, Mawson S & Martin F (2017) Social Entrepreneurs: Can They Change the World?. 2nd ed. London: Palgrave.

There is a discussion that social enterprises are a way of solving our social problems. Few, however, are capable of accelerated growth and go on to create an international and socially sustainable footprint. This revised and updated second edition will equip you with the tools needed to create and manage a successful social enterprise with a positive social impact and commercial success.  Ideal for Social Entrepreneurship courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA level, this textbook is also a crucial companion for existing ventures to scale up and increase social impact locally, nationally or internationally.  Key benefits include:  A global outlook, including cross-cultural comparisons and diverse international mini-cases  Newly expanded coverage of critical perspectives  A range of pedagogical features, including definitions and reflective exercises.

Business and Management; Entrepreneurship

Author(s)Thompson, Marcus; Mawson, Suzanne; Martin, Frank
Publication date28/02/2017
Publisher URL…?K=9781137520074
Place of publicationLondon
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