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Expert working group report on electronic monitoring in Scotland

Graham H (2017) Expert working group report on electronic monitoring in Scotland. Probation Journal, 64 (1), pp. 62-64.

First paragraph: Since its inception in Scotland in 2002, the uses of electronic monitoring (EM) have been relatively simple, standardized and stable, with only one type of technology – radio frequency tagging – used in combination with curfews. Importantly, nearly all uses of EM in Scotland have been stand-alone, meaning no offender supervision requirements for those on EM court orders or on early release from prison with a Home Detention Curfew. Criminal justice social workers (the Scottish equivalent of probation officers) and third sector services have had little involvement with supporting monitored people to date. This is set to change.

criminology; criminal justice; electronic monitoring; tagging; criminal justice social work; Scotland

Probation Journal: Volume 64, Issue 1

Author(s)Graham, Hannah
Publication date31/03/2017
Publication date online22/03/2017
Date accepted by journal15/12/2016
PublisherSAGE Publishers
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