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Study: An Assessment of Citizens' Exposure to Tobacco Marketing



Stead M, Bauld L, Bogdanovica I, Eadie D, MacKintosh AM, Murray S, Angus K, Critchlow N, Miguel Rey J, Hausemer P, Wilhelm C, Berteletti F, Toma A, Burch J & Lester R (2016) Study: An Assessment of Citizens' Exposure to Tobacco Marketing. European Commission. Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety. Health Programme, No. EAHC/2013/HEALTH/10 No. 2014 62 03. Publications Office of the European Union.

This report provides the European Commission with a comprehensive overview of channels through which EU citizens, and in particular young people, are exposed to the marketing of tobacco products and e-cigarettes. The study investigates the reality of tobacco advertising and marketing in a representative sample of EU Member States. The detailed evidence provided in this report will shed light on how current EU- and national- level regulation of tobacco and e-cigarette advertising is working in practice. Exposure is measured both by looking at actual advertising spend, what advertising activity is occurring in different channels and looking at what advertising citizens recall, as measured through a citizens' survey. These are complemented by a survey of national experts and a review of secondary data. We examine exposure to advertising through a wide range of channels including print, outdoor, TV and radio, online, sponsorship and corporate social responsibility. Strategies for selling tobacco at point of sale are also assessed, including a review of the different kind of retailers, such as specialised retailers (tobacconists), retail outlets (including supermarkets) and vending machines. Where information exists, we assess the extent to which young people in particular are exposed to this marketing.The report takes into account the regulatory context at EU and national levels, given that certain forms of advertising (e.g. billboards, point of sale) are still allowed in some Member States. The report covers the following work packages: Work package 1: Overview of advertising strategies Work package 2: Printed media Work package 3: Internet and mobile applications Work package 4: Billboards, posters and other types of advertising outside the home Work package 5: TV and radio (electronic cigarettes) and product placement (all products) Work package 6: Points of sale, sample, giveaways and promotional items Work package 7: Sponsoring, corporate responsibility, brand stretching and imitation products Work package 8: Compilation of the key forms of advertising, promoting and sponsorship that EU citizens are exposed to. Consortium Partners: Burson-Marsteller; Smoke Free Partnership Expert Subcontractors: University of Stirling; VVA Europe

European Union; Europe; Member States; young people; adults; tobacco; cigarettes; electronic cigarettes; e-cigarettes; marketing; advertising; spend; promotion; internet; mobile; billboards; posters; broadcast; television; radio; product placement; point-of-sale; samples; giveaways; promotional items; sponsorship; corporate responsibility; brand stretching; imitation products; legislation; compliance; survey; literature review

Title of seriesDirectorate-General for Health and Food Safety. Health Programme
Number in seriesNo. EAHC/2013/HEALTH/10 No. 2014 62 03
Publication date29/02/2016
Publication date online09/2016
PublisherPublications Office of the European Union
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Ms Kathryn Angus
Ms Kathryn Angus

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Dr Nathan Critchlow

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Ms Anne Marie MacKintosh

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