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Kind Neighbours. Scottish Saints and Society in the Later Middle Ages



Turpie T (2015) Kind Neighbours. Scottish Saints and Society in the Later Middle Ages. The Northern World, 70. Leiden: Brill.

In Kind Neighbours Tom Turpie explores devotion to Scottish saints and their shrines in the later middle ages. He provides fresh insight into the role played by these saints in the legal and historical arguments for Scottish independence, and the process by which first Andrew, and later Ninian, were embraced as patron saints of the Scots. Kind Neighbours also explains the appeal of the most popular Scottish saints of the period and explores the relationship between regional shrines and the Scottish monarchy. Rejecting traditional interpretations based around church-led patriotism or crown patronage, Turpie draws on a wide range of sources to explain how religious, political and environmental changes in the later middle ages shaped devotion to the saints in Scotland.

later medieval; cult of the saints; Scotland; St Ninian; St Andrew; St Duthac

Title of seriesThe Northern World
Number in series70
Publication date31/12/2015
Publisher URL…ater-middle-ages
Place of publicationLeiden
ISSN of series1569-1462

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Dr Tom Turpie

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