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GCPH Briefing Paper 52: Housing through Social Enterprise



Rolfe S & Garnham L (2017) GCPH Briefing Paper 52: Housing through Social Enterprise. Briefing Paper, 52. Glasgow Centre for Population Health.

A scoping study explored the potential role of social enterprises in protecting and enhancing the health of low-income and otherwise vulnerable households in Glasgow. We consider how different kinds of social enterprises operating in the housing sector might work to improve access to affordable, stable and good quality homes for those in need. We begin by outlining the level of housing need in Glasgow, the barriers to quality housing for low-income households and the impact of housing and health, before describing a number of ways in which social enterprises have the potential to improve public health. We finish by outlining the next steps in this programme of research.

housing; health; wellbeing; social enterprise

Title of seriesBriefing Paper
Number in series52
Publication date31/03/2017
Publication date online03/2017
PublisherGlasgow Centre for Population Health
Publisher URL…l_enterprise.pdf

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Dr Steve Rolfe

Dr Steve Rolfe

Lecturer in Social Policy, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology