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The difference that place makes: a case study of creative industries in Greater Manchester



Champion K (2014) The difference that place makes: a case study of creative industries in Greater Manchester. In: Schramme A, Kooyman R & Hagoort G (eds.) Beyond Frames: Dynamics Between the Creative Industries, Knowledge Institutions and the Urban Context. Delft: Eburon Academic Publishers, pp. 132-140.

Broader transformations in the economy are linked to a changing spatial organisation for economic activity, particularly in industries imbued with a high creative content, although there are competing explanations regarding the nature of this logic. Until recently, relatively more attention has been given to the inter-urban and indeed international scales, than to the intra-urban geography of the economic transformation and, within this,there has also been a tendency to focus on a small set of global cities. With the aim of redressing these imbalances, this article examines the logic guiding creative industry concentration in the central core of a city, as opposed to more peripheral sites in the wider city region, and uses the example of a transforming regional city negotiating its place in the knowledge economy, Manchester, UK.

creative industries; industrial location theory; agglomeration; placemaking

Publication date31/12/2014
PublisherEburon Academic Publishers
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Place of publicationDelft

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Dr Katherine Champion

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