The lives of houses: duration, context and history at Neolithic Uivar



Draşovean F, Schier W, Bayliss A, Gaydarska B & Whittle A (2017) The lives of houses: duration, context and history at Neolithic Uivar. European Journal of Archaeology, 20 (4), pp. 636-662.

There is a considerable mix of models for house durations in the literature on Neolithic Europe. This article presents a summary of a formal chronological model for the Neolithic tell of Uivar in western Romania. We provide estimates of house duration and relate houses to other features of the development of this tell, from the later sixth to the mid-fifth millennium calbc. Three wider implications are discussed: that the house must be contextualized case by case; that house duration gives powerful insights into the sociality of community; and that houses, surprisingly often taken rather for granted in Neolithic archaeology, should be fully integrated into the interpretation of Neolithic histories. From what perspective, anthropocentric or relational, that may best be done, is open to question; while it may be helpful to think in this case in terms of the lives and vitality of houses, the ability of people to create and vary history should not be set aside lightly.

Neolithic houses; house duration; Uivar tell; Romania; radiocarbon dating; chronological modelling; historical and relational approaches

European Journal of Archaeology: Volume 20, Issue 4

Publication date30/11/2017
Publication date online13/07/2017
Date accepted by journal04/05/2017
PublisherCambridge University Press

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Professor Alexandra Bayliss

Professor Alexandra Bayliss

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