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Learning disability and dementia: hard to reach or under-researched?



Watchman K (2017) Learning disability and dementia: hard to reach or under-researched?. University of Stirling, Health Sciences: Our voices, our news, 19.04.2017.

First paragraph: The term, ‘hard to reach groups’ is often heard in health and social care research conjuring up images of insurmountable barriers, and populations who are somehow tantalisingly inaccessible to the researcher. Yet, we have no difficulty in using terms such as person-centred, relation-centred or meaningful activities, recognising the importance of each when it comes to support needs and care planning with individuals

Publication date19/04/2017
PublisherUniversity of Stirling
Publisher URL…ty-and-dementia/

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Professor Karen Watchman

Professor Karen Watchman

Professor, Health Sciences Stirling