Day care for people with dementia: A qualitative study comparing experiences from Norway and Scotland



Rokstad AMM, McCabe L, Robertson J, Strandenæs MG, Tretteteig S & Vatne S (2019) Day care for people with dementia: A qualitative study comparing experiences from Norway and Scotland. Dementia, 18 (4), pp. 1393-1409.

Potential benefits from day care attendance are reported in the literature for both people with dementia and caregivers, although the evidence-base is limited. The study aimed to explore and compare experiences of day care services for people with dementia as described by day care attendees and their caregivers in Norway and Scotland. Whereas day care receives prominence in Norway’s national dementia plan, Scotland does not highlight day care in its national dementia strategy. A qualitative cross-national comparative study was undertaken. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 17 people with dementia and 17 caregivers in Norway, and 19 people with dementia and 15 caregivers in Scotland. Data were analyzed thematically and comparatively to explore the experiences and outcomes of the participants. Findings indicate positive outcomes from day care for both people with dementia and caregivers. Satisfaction with services related to meaningful activities, getting out of the home, strengthening social connections and careful staff facilitation to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere. There were strong similarities in the content of services and experiences reported in the two countries. Some minor differences were noted, with caregiver support being an area of notable divergence in experiences. Specialist day care for people with dementia seems to provide important support and positive outcomes for people with dementia, and respite and reassurance for their caregivers. More research is needed to further explore the effect of day care designed for people with dementia both on the attendees and their caregivers.

dementia; day care; family caregivers; qualitative research; quality of life

Dementia: Volume 18, Issue 4

FundersAlzheimer Scotland
Publication date31/05/2019
Publication date online06/06/2017
Date accepted by journal08/05/2017

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Professor Louise McCabe

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