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The Red Door: The Complete English Stories 1949-76, by Iain Crichton Smith


MacNeil K (ed.) (2001) The Red Door: The Complete English Stories 1949-76, by Iain Crichton Smith. Edinburgh: Polygon Books. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Red-Door-Complete-English-Stories/dp/1841581607

ALTHOUGH BEST KNOWN as one of Scotland's greatest modern poets, Iain Crichton Smith was also prolific as a writer of short stories. These pieces form a central part of his oeuvre, demonstrating the full range and versatility of his literary talent. From humour to tragedy, from inner monologues to extrovert surrealism, the diversity of his writing indicates the extraordinary range of his own reading and mental world. Crichton Smith wrote short stories throughout his life. Some are fragments, others almost novellas, and the best of them all show him to be an author of unique sensitivity and intelligence. These two collections, comprising the complete English stories, include over 45 stories never before published in book form, as well as others that have been out of print for many years, thus making it possible to judge Crichton Smith's achievement as a writer in full. Incorporates stories from Survival Without Error, The Black and the Red and The Village.

fiction; short stories; Scotland; Scottish; literature; Highlands; islands

EditorMr Kevin MacNeil
Publication date30/04/2001
PublisherPolygon Books
Publisher URLhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/…es/dp/1841581607
Place of publicationEdinburgh