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The Brilliant & Forever

Alternative title The Brilliant and Forever



MacNeil K (2016) The Brilliant & Forever [The Brilliant and Forever]. Edinburgh: Polygon Books.

SHORTLISTED FOR SALTIRE SOCIETY FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR 2016 On an island like no other, the annual Brilliant & Forever festival is a much anticipated event; its participants a story away from either glory or infamy. This year, three best friends two human, one alpaca are chosen to compete, so victory is not only about reward. The glitterati descends, the festival begins: thirteen performers, each have their own story to tell. Who will be chosen by the judges? Who will be chosen by the people? This is a novel like no other; a whip-cracking, energetic, laugh-out-loud satire on what we value in culture, and in our lives. And yet, written with exquisite warmth and empathy, The Brilliant & Forever is also a moving exploration of integrity, friendship and belonging. It'll split your sides and break your heart.

fiction; meta; alpacas; scottish; literature; islands; scotland;

Publication date31/12/2016
PublisherPolygon Books
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Place of publicationEdinburgh

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Dr Kevin MacNeil

Dr Kevin MacNeil

Lecturer in Creative Writing, English Studies