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The Diary of Archie the Alpaca


MacNeil K (2017) The Diary of Archie the Alpaca. Edinburgh: Polygon Books.

If you haven't yet met Archie the Alpaca now's your chance. Prolific writer, social observer, grassuccino drinker, occasional dancer and loyal friend, Archie sees the world like no-one else. Gathered here are his thoughts, feelings, loves, hates and everything in between. From his remarks on the volume of phone conversations to friendship with cats, tributes to great art and artists, and the joy of being Salvador Dali, his diary will teach you to think about everything you know just a little bit differently.

diary; alpaca; humour; aphorisms; scotland; scottish literature; moose allain

Illustrated by Moose Allain

Publication date12/10/2017
PublisherPolygon Books
Publisher URL…26250W0FR1M7WHTR
Place of publicationEdinburgh