Introduction: Early Modern Scottish-Scandinavian Studies


Williams KJ & Zickermann K (2016) Introduction: Early Modern Scottish-Scandinavian Studies. Northern Studies, 48, pp. 1-7.

First paragraph: In a field which has always been a by-word for internationalism, it is only appropriate that the foundational volume of modern Scottish-Scandinavian studies was written neither by a Scot nor a Scandinavian, but rather by the Lübeck-born historian and translator, Thomas Alfred Fischer (1844-1906). By the time Fischer came to write his Scots in Sweden: Being a Contribution Towards the History of the Scot Abroad (posthumously published in 1907), he had already established a name for himself as Europe’s leading authority on the early modern Scottish diaspora. In 1902, he had published The Scots in Germany, which was rapidly followed by The Scots in Eastern and Western Prussia in the following year.

Northern Studies: Volume 48

Publication date31/12/2016
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