Subcellular localization and function study of a secreted phospholipase C from Nocardia seriolae



Xia L, Liang H, Xu L, Chen J, Bekaert M, Zhang H & Yu L (2017) Subcellular localization and function study of a secreted phospholipase C from Nocardia seriolae. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 364 (17), Art. No.: fnx143.

Fish nocardiosis is a chronic systemic granulomatous disease, andNocardia seriolaeis the main pathogen that causes this disease. But the pathogenesis and virulence factors ofN. seriolaeare not fully understood. A phospholipase C (PLC), which was likely to be a secreted protein targeting host cell mitochondria, was found by the bioinformatics analysis on the whole genome sequence ofN. seriolae. In order to determine the subcellular localization and study the preliminary function of PLC fromN. seriolae(NsPLC), the gene cloning, secreted protein identification, subcellular localization in host cells and apoptosis detection of NsPLC were carried out in this study. The results showed that NsPLC was a secreted protein by mass spectrometry analysis of extracellular products fromN. seriolae. Subcellular localization of NsPLC-GFP fusion protein in FHM cells revealed that the green fluorescence exhibited a punctate distribution near the nucleus and did not co-localize with mitochondria. In addition, apoptosis assay suggested that apoptosis was induced in FHM cells by the overexpression of NsPLC. This study may lay the foundation for further study on the function of NsPLC and promote the understanding of the virulence factors and pathogenic mechanism ofN. seriolae.

Nocardia seriolae; phospholipase C; subcellular localization; secreted protein; cell apoptosis; overexpression

FEMS Microbiology Letters: Volume 364, Issue 17

Publication date30/09/2017
Publication date online31/07/2017
Date accepted by journal30/06/2017
PublisherOxford University Press

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Dr Michaël Bekaert

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