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A Public Health Politics That is a People's Health


Robertson T, Marsden S & Kapilashrami A (2017) A Public Health Politics That is a People's Health. In: Hassan G & Barrow S (eds.) A Nation Changed? The SNP and Scotland Ten Years On. Edinburgh: Luath Press.

A Nation Changed? provides the first detailed and wide-ranging analysis of the SNP in office. It looks at how Scotland has changed and not changed during that time, and the challenges that lie ahead. The book examines the SNP's record, its role as a government and as a party, detailed policy issues such as education and health, the Brexit conundrum and independence. Offering insights and suggestions for further action and reform, A Nation Changed? brings together an unparalleled range of knowledgeable and expert voices all of whom care deeply about Scotland, public policy, the state of democracy, and the future of our nation. Irrespective of your political views or allegiance, this groundbreaking study offers fresh thinking, food for thought and ideas for debate concerning the changing terrain of Scottish politics.

politics; public health; policy

Publication date31/07/2017
PublisherLuath Press
Publisher URL
Place of publicationEdinburgh