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Start-Ups, Entrepreneurial Networks and Equity Crowdfunding: A Processual Perspective

Brown R, Mawson S & Rowe A (2019) Start-Ups, Entrepreneurial Networks and Equity Crowdfunding: A Processual Perspective. Industrial Marketing Management, 80, pp. 115-125.

This paper outlines findings from a large-scale interview based study of start-ups who obtained equity crowdfunding in the UK. It takes a novel integrative approach towards the analysis of entrepreneurial networks by examining both personal and business networks involved in the equity crowdfunding process. Adopting a processual perspective, the empirical findings show that networks and social capital play a critical role in the crowdfunding process. Start-ups leverage, build and draw upon a complex array of network actors and “ties” as they move through the different stages of their crowdfunding journey. The paper shows that this form of funding confers important relational benefits to recipients which amount to “more than money”. It concludes that equity crowdfunding is a highly “relational” form of entrepreneurial finance, requiring holistic forms of empirical investigation. Implications for theoretical development, managerial practice and further research are outlined.

Entrepreneurship; Start-ups; Equity Crowdfunding; Social Networks; Business Networks; Entrepreneurial Networks

Industrial Marketing Management: Volume 80

Author(s)Brown, Ross; Mawson, Suzanne; Rowe, Alexander
Publication date31/07/2019
Publication date online14/02/2018
Date accepted by journal02/02/2018
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