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City and wadi: Exploring the environs of Jerash

Holdridge G, Kristiansen SK, Lichtenberger A, Raja R & Simpson I (2017) City and wadi: Exploring the environs of Jerash. Antiquity, 91 (358), Art. No.: e7.

Archaeological excavations of urban sites in the Mediterranean have a long history, but only recently are geoarchaeology-based landscape studies beginning to provide insight into the complex and dynamic relationships between cities and their hinterlands. Such studies are becoming increasingly important as archaeologists seek to understand how cities sustained themselves, demonstrating resilience to both external shocks and long-term environmental changes, and, conversely, how cities contributed to their own demise through the over-exploitation of environmental resources (Barthel & Isendahl2013; Butzeret al.2013; Kintighet al.2014; Nelsonet al.2016).

Antiquity: Volume 91, Issue 358

Author(s)Holdridge, Genevieve; Kristiansen, Soren K; Lichtenberger, Achim; Raja, Rubina; Simpson, Ian
Publication date31/08/2017
Publication date online08/08/2017
Date accepted by journal08/08/2017
PublisherCambridge University Press
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