Creative Futures for New Contemporary Artists: Opportunities and Barriers



Lee B, Fraser I & Fillis I (2018) Creative Futures for New Contemporary Artists: Opportunities and Barriers. International Journal of Arts Management, 20 (2), pp. 9-19.

Career prospects for recent art college graduates transitioning to self-employment remain challenging. The authors investigate the opportunities and barriers faced by emerging artists using a case study of a major contemporary art exhibition and its follow-up shows. Data from twenty interviews indicates that the exhibition is viewed as a useful steppingstone, offering benefits as recognition and exposure, networking, marketing, and enhanced ambition and motivation. Only a few exhibiting artists receive monetary rewards from sales or prizes. The lack of financial assistance means that most artists are financially challenged. Artists also lack knowledge of market conditions and have a tendency to undervalue their art work. Nevertheless, many artists express no interest in developing commercial skills and have a pessimistic view of public funding. Some artists show signs of an anti-entrepreneurial mindset. The authors argue that permanent platforms are required in order to provide emerging artists with both tangible and emotional support.

emerging artists; transition; platform; entrepreneurship; self-employment

International Journal of Arts Management: Volume 20, Issue 2

Publication date01/01/2018
Date accepted by journal13/07/2017
PublisherHEC Montreal's Carmelle and Remi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management
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Professor Ian Fraser

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