Policy Document

Choice Based Letting (CBL)



Galbraith J (2017) Choice Based Letting (CBL). Policy Briefing Series. University of Stirling.

Whilst Choice Based Lettings has been recognised as an improvement in the allocation of social housing, existing evidence has acknowledged that there are problems with the system and its treatment of vulnerable groups. This briefing is designed to provide a critical perspective of the Choice Based Lettings system from the vantage point of vulnerable groups, and suggest possible improvements that could be made to make their experiences better and help CBL systems produce better outcomes for tenants. Key points Choice-based lettings (CBL) are common across the UK and provide prospective tenants of social landlords with greater choice in where they chose to live. Choices can be constrained for vulnerable applicants (e.g. homeless people) especially if they have priority status. Lack of knowledge and misinformed guidance from practitioners can negatively impact applicants' experiences of the CBL system. Recommendations for the short term are the development of clearer guidelines to maximise the efficiency and satisfaction of CBL. In the long term recommendations include the development of rigorous training for CBL advisors, and a review of what ‘realistic bidding' means to practitioners and applicants.

Title of seriesPolicy Briefing Series
Publication date31/01/2017
PublisherUniversity of Stirling