Improving the Protection and Wellbeing of Children in Europe: Enhancing the Curriculum



Rigby P & Engstrom S (2017) Improving the Protection and Wellbeing of Children in Europe: Enhancing the Curriculum. Revista de Asistenţă Socială, 2017 (3).

This paper provides comment on the first year implementation of a current Erasmus+ funded project being conducted by institutions across eight countries. With a focus on educating social work students and trainees, with particular emphasis on child protection and welfare, the paper discusses the project aims and outputs and highlights some of the deliberations in the project’s first year, in the context of internationalization. Discussion focuses on contextualising international social work and integrated child protection, followed by reflection on the initial challenges identified when working across cultures and borders whilst holding onto a central, agreed aim. The paper discusses how the project is moving forward within current socio-political contexts and the challenges this brings to social work educators and professionals working in an ethical framework and professional value base.

Child protection; international social work; children on the move

Revista de Asistenţă Socială: Volume 2017, Issue 3

Publication date30/09/2017
Date accepted by journal13/06/2017
PublisherPolirom Publishing House
Publisher URL…g_the_curriculum

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Dr Sandra Engstrom

Dr Sandra Engstrom

Lecturer, Social Work

Dr Paul Rigby

Dr Paul Rigby

Senior Lecturer, Social Work