Research Report

Nurturing Citizenship in the Early Years


Stephen C & Gadda A (2017) Nurturing Citizenship in the Early Years. Glasgow Centre for Population Health. University of Stirling.

Finding ways of fostering positive citizenship, resilient communities and effective leadership are key policy concerns in Scotland and education has traditionally been seen as having a significant role to play in the socialisation of children into responsible and active citizens. Becoming a responsible citizen is one of the four goals of the Curriculum for Excellence which guides the educational provision made for children from 3- to 18-years of age in Scotland. However, no explicit definition of ‘responsible citizen' is offered nor is any specific pedagogic practice promoted. This review of the literature was commissioned to the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection at the University of Stirling to explore the meaning of citizenship in early childhood and seek out evidence about the ways in which early learning and childcare settings can support young children to develop the skills, dispositions, practices and understandings associated with citizenship.

Citizenship; children; early years education; rights

FundersGlasgow Centre for Population Health
Publication date31/10/2017
Publication date online10/2017
PublisherUniversity of Stirling
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