Partnership as Educational Policy Imperative: An unquestioned good?



I'Anson J & Eady S (2017) Partnership as Educational Policy Imperative: An unquestioned good?. Professions and Professionalism, 7 (3), Art. No.: 1814.

“Partnership” is often promoted as an unquestioned “good” for higher education institutions in relation to its various stakeholder organizations. This paper seeks to problematize this uncritical valorization through a critical interrogation of the concepts and socio-material practices associated with partnership. In the name of partnership, new forms of governance are inaugurated that have far-reaching effects. More specifically, this paper is concerned with a critical analysis of partnership in relation to a longitudinal study of the relational practices between a university and five local authorities within a Scottish educational context. In particular, we trace how a “signature event” transformed a partnership assemblage, from one characterized by a grammar of participation, to a formal partnership aligned with a set of principles that we characterize as a grammar of representation. We argue that this transition led to a new assemblage that enacted new accountabilities, performativities, and alignments under the sign of partnership.

Partnership; signature event; professional accountability and responsibility;socio-material practices; teacher education

Professions and Professionalism: Volume 7, Issue 3

Publication date15/11/2017
Publication date online09/2017; REF: 'gold' exception no longer required as now automatically compliant
Date accepted by journal19/09/2017
PublisherOslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences

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Dr John I'Anson

Dr John I'Anson

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