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Endoscopy application in broodstock management of Arapaima gigas (Schinz, 1822)

Torati LS, Varges APS, Galvao JAS, Mesquita PEC & Migaud H (2016) Endoscopy application in broodstock management of Arapaima gigas (Schinz, 1822). Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 32 (2), pp. 353-355.

First paragraph: The air-breather fish Arapaima gigas (Schinz, 1822) is an emblematic species of the Amazon with adults reaching up to 2.5 m total length. A. gigas is long-considered a promising new candidate species for aquaculture, with reported growth rates of 10 kg over 1 year, no intramuscular spines, and suitability to different production systems. However, the control of reproduction in captivity is a key impairment limiting the expansion of the aquaculture sector mainly due to the lack of fingerling supply, which in turn also increases the pressure on the natural stocks.

Journal of Applied Ichthyology: Volume 32, Issue 2

Author(s)Torati, Lucas S; Varges, Ana Paula S; Galvao, Jose A S; Mesquita, Pedro E C; Migaud, Herve
Publication date30/04/2016
Publication date online06/02/2016
Date accepted by journal28/08/2015
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