Research Report

Challenges of Poverty: Parents' voices



Duncan J & Treanor MC (2017) Challenges of Poverty: Parents' voices. Duncan J J (Editor) Child Poverty Action Group. Child Poverty Action Group.

The Child Poverty Action Group Early Warning System (EWS) gathers information and case studies about the impact of welfare reform on children and families across Scotland.  This EWS short report is published as part of Challenge Poverty Week 2017 to highlight, through the experiences of low income families, and in their own words, how poverty and welfare changes impact on child and family wellbeing.  It draws on work for CPAG by Dr. Morag Treanor, University of Stirling, who has been undertaking a series of interviews with low income families since 2013 to gain an in-depth understanding of how poverty and welfare changes are affecting child and family wellbeing.

Publication date31/10/2017
PublisherChild Poverty Action Group
Publisher URL…y-parents-voices