Using the framework approach to analyse qualitative data: a worked example



Hackett A & Strickland K (2018) Using the framework approach to analyse qualitative data: a worked example. Nurse Researcher, 26 (3).

Background  Data management and analysis are crucial stages in the research process, particularly in qualitative research where large volumes of data are collected. There are a range of approaches that can be used for managing and analysing qualitative data. The Framework Approach is one example which is widely used in nursing research.  Aim  To consider the strengths and challenges of the Framework Approach and its application to practice to aid the novice researcher in their selection of approach to thematic analysis.  Discussion  This article provides an account of one novice researchers' experience of using Framework for thematic analysis. The article begins with an explanation of Framework and why it was selected, followed by its application to practice using a worked example, and account of the strengths and challenges of using this approach.  Conclusion  Framework is one approach to qualitative data analysis that offers the researcher a systematic structure to manage, analyse and identify themes enabling the development and maintenance of a transparent audit trail. It is particularly useful with large volumes of text based data and is suitable for use with different qualitative approaches.  Implications for research and practice  The Framework approach facilitates immersion in qualitative data and reflexivity which can increase the researchers' understanding of participant views and experiences. To ensure its successful application, the novice researcher should seek supervisors experienced in applying Framework to qualitative data.

Qualitative Research; Data management; Data Analysis; The Framework Approach;

Nurse Researcher: Volume 26, Issue 3

Publication date07/12/2018
Publication date online14/09/2018
Date accepted by journal20/11/2017

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Mrs Alison Hackett

Mrs Alison Hackett

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