School-based influenza immunisation programme pilot: Using an out-of-hours model



Gourlay S, Stoddart K, Blackadder A, Hinton S, Penman S, Young P, Osborne M, Robertson S, Robertson D & Robertson C (2016) School-based influenza immunisation programme pilot: Using an out-of-hours model. British Journal of School Nursing, 11 (1), pp. 17-22.

Influenza is a common and potentially serious viral infection. The Joint Committee of Vacination and Immunisation recommended that the seasonal influenza programme should be expanded in 2012 to include all children from the ages of 2–17 years in the UK. In NHS Forth Valley, the implementation of the influenza immunisation programme was presided over by multi-agency group including school nursing. School nurses provide a vital input to the immunisation of children and in response to the challenges presented by the introduction of the programme, the school nursing service implemented a weekend delivery model in pilot areas in NHS Forth Valley. The model is person-centred and geared towards the priorities of public health and protection. The model is also underpinned by minimising disruption to normal school nursing and education service workloads and to families. Strategies to support an accesible and family-friendly immunisation service have been identified and now need further translation into practice.

Immunisation; Children; School nurses; Out-of-hours; Service development

British Journal of School Nursing: Volume 11, Issue 1

Publication date29/02/2016
Publication date online01/04/2016
PublisherMA Healthcare

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Dr Kathleen Stoddart

Dr Kathleen Stoddart

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