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Students’ rights in assessment and evaluation



Gardner J & Holmes B (2010) Students’ rights in assessment and evaluation. In: Peterson PE, Baker E & McGaw B (eds.) International Encyclopaedia of Education, Volume 3. 3rd ed. Oxford: Elsevier, pp. 378-383.

First paragraph: If rights are interpreted strictly as legally supported entitlements, enacted through statute, then this article should probably end at this point. As far as we are able to determine, there are no specific rights for students in relation to the assessment or evaluation of their learning in any nation’s legislation. (Arguably, the terms assessment and evaluation are nuanced in meaning but for the most part, assessment will be used in the article to relate to any process designed to appraise student learning.) However, there do exist educational principles, widely endorsed standards and codes of practice, and at least one legally binding set of international articles that can be used to underpin a discussion of students’ rights in assessment.

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