Diabetes Education Needs of Family Members Caring for American Indian Elders


John R, Hennessy C & Anderson LA (1999) Diabetes Education Needs of Family Members Caring for American Indian Elders. Diabetes Educator, 25 (5), pp. 747-754.

PURPOSE this qualitative study investigated diabetes care management among family members of American Indian elders with self-care limitations. Focus groups were used to examine the reasons for and content of diabetes care management, the challenges faced, and the support services needed. METHODS Five focus groups were conducted with family caregivers from six tribes. Caregivers' responses related to care management were identified and categorized into themes. RESULTS Participants reported that they provided assistance with a wide range of diabetes care tasks (eg, skin and wound care, in-home dialysis) depending on the elder's level of impairment. Caregivers described three major challenges related to diabetes care management: (1) anxiety about in-home care, (2) coping with psychosocial issues, and (3) decision making and communication problems with other family members. They emphasized the importance of developing a care routine for successful diabetes management. CONCLUSIONS Based on these findings, we suggest areas where diabetes educators can assist American Indian family caregivers in meeting the needs of frail elders in the home. © 1999, Sage Publications. All rights reserved.

Diabetes Educator: Volume 25, Issue 5

Publication date31/12/1999