The interpretation of burden among pueblo Indian caregivers


Hennessy C & John R (1995) The interpretation of burden among pueblo Indian caregivers. Journal of Aging Studies, 9 (3), pp. 215-229.

Caregiver burden is a key construct in gerontological research, however, burden measures are rarely evaluated for their cultural validity. This study used focus groups (N = 33 participants) to elicit Pueblo Indian family caregivers' interpretations of an existing burden scale. Qualitative analysis of the focus group discussions on the relevance of the 22 scale items revealed similarities and differences with non-Indian endorsements of these burden constructs. Items measuring the strains created by caregiving within the extended family were emphasized, whereas items reflecting the importance of individual concerns were seen as less important. Findings are discussed in terms of the Pueblo cultural orientation to elder care. © 1995.

Journal of Aging Studies: Volume 9, Issue 3

Publication date31/12/1995