Restraints in long term care


Hennessy C, Archea C, McNeely E, Martino-Saltzman D, Whittington F & Myers D (1993) Restraints in long term care. Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, 11 (2), pp. 3-23.

This paper reviews the research and practice literature regarding the use of chemical and mechanical restraints in long term care. Impacts of use and non-use of restraints on residents, families, and long term care staff are evaluated, as well as ethical-legal considerations to balance resident autonomy and safety. Recent mandates for the reduction of restraint use are discussed with an emphasis on the processes needed to effect attitudinal and institutional changes. © 1993 Informa UK Ltd All rights reserved: reproduction in whole or part not permitted.

Physical and Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics: Volume 11, Issue 2

Publication date31/12/1993