Book Chapter

Multi-agency Working


Forbes J (2018) Multi-agency Working. In: Bryce T, Humes W, Gillies D & Kennedy A (eds.) Scottish Education. The Fifth Edition. 5th ed. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 748-758.

First paragraph: Co-working across child sector agencies and professional groups has become a central tenet in governance, policy and practice in Scotland, other UK countries and internationally. The shift from mono- to multi-(many) or trans-(cross-cutting) forms of professional work is premised on the benefit to children and families in locating children’s assessed needs being ‘at the centre’ of agencies’ co-work (Forbes and Watson, 2012). Equally, the shift towards multi-agency working is economically driven, premised on more cost-effective public sector service delivery. Recognised elsewhere, the discourses of ‘social justice’ and ‘economic efficiency’ closely intertwine in multi-agency working policy and its enactments in practice (Forbes and McCartney, 2015).

Publication date31/07/2018
PublisherEdinburgh University Press
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Place of publicationEdinburgh