Devolution, local growth and public service reform: What now and where next?



Kippin H & Kippin S (2024) Devolution, local growth and public service reform: What now and where next?. Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, 17 (4).

This paper advocates for a deepening of the English Mayoral Combined Authority (MCA) model as a mechanism for achieving better economic and social policy outcomes. It argues for greater alignment of financial resources with long-term goals, fostering co-creation and upholding democratic accountability. It explores the origins of the MCA model set within the context of wider UK devolution and successive waves of English government reform, identifies some key benefits of the MCA model such as scale, democratic legitimacy and potential for collaboration, before proposing some key areas for further development. The paper recommends a strategic focus on evolving the relationship between the MCA and public service reform, particularly in health, education and employment support. The story of North East devolution is presented as an important case study that provides lessons for the future trajectory of English devolution as a whole, while highlighting the necessity of continuous adaptation to achieve sustainable regional development.

Metropolitan combined authorities; English devolution; decentralisation; governance; public services

Output Status: Forthcoming

Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal: Volume 17, Issue 4

StatusIn Press
Publication date online31/05/2024
Date accepted by journal02/04/2024
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eISSN 1752-9646

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Dr Sean Kippin

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