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Feminist Philosophy of Time



Rennick S (2024) Feminist Philosophy of Time. In: Routledge Handbooks in Philosophy. Routledge.

If philosophy of time could benefit from a feminist intervention, then this exploratory chapter serves to highlight two potential starting points. The first concerns the recent burgeoning of experimental philosophy on time and how we understand it. Here I highlight gender data gaps, and the benefits and challenges of experimental philosophy. The second turns to tropes in storytelling about time, and how we make use of them, focussing in particular on the philosophy of time travel. Central to both sections is how we access and gather data about folk intuitions in the philosophy of time.

philosophy of time, feminist philosophy, tropes, folk intuitions, experimental philosophy

Title of seriesRoutledge Handbooks in Philosophy

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Dr Steph Rennick

Dr Steph Rennick

Lecturer in Digital Media (Interactive), Communications, Media and Culture