Single cell genomics as a transformative approach for aquaculture research and innovation



Daniels RR, Taylor RS, Robledo D & Macqueen DJ (2023) Single cell genomics as a transformative approach for aquaculture research and innovation. Reviews in Aquaculture, 15 (4), pp. 1618-1637.

Single cell genomics encompasses a suite of rapidly maturing technologies that measure the molecular profiles of individual cells within target samples. These approaches provide a large up-step in biological information compared to long-established ‘bulk’ methods that profile the average molecular profiles of all cells in a sample, and have led to transformative advances in understanding of cellular biology, particularly in humans and model organisms. The application of single cell genomics is fast expanding to non-model taxa, including aquaculture species, where numerous research applications are underway with many more envisaged. In this review, we highlight the potential transformative applications of single cell genomics in aquaculture research, considering barriers and potential solutions to the broad uptake of these technologies. Focusing on single cell transcriptomics, we outline considerations for experimental design, including the essential requirement to obtain high quality cells/nuclei for sequencing in ectothermic aquatic species. We further outline data analysis and bioinformatics considerations, tailored to studies with the under-characterized genomes of aquaculture species, where our knowledge of cellular heterogeneity and cell marker genes is immature. Overall, this review offers a useful source of knowledge for researchers aiming to apply single cell genomics to address biological challenges faced by the global aquaculture sector though an improved understanding of cell biology.

aquaculture; bioinformatic pipelines; cell isolation; nuclei isolation; single cell genomics; transformative applications


Reviews in Aquaculture: Volume 15, Issue 4

Publication date30/09/2023
Publication date online31/03/2023
Date accepted by journal01/03/2023

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Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels

Dr Rose Ruiz Daniels

Lecturer in Aquaculture Genomics, Institute of Aquaculture