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Climate Justice: Ethical Aspects and Policy Aspects



Bartmann M, Halsband A & Schapper A (2023) Climate Justice: Ethical Aspects and Policy Aspects. Ethik in den Biowissenschaften – Sachstandsberichte des DRZE. Baden-Baden: Verlag Karl Alber/ Nomos.

Human activities associated with greenhouse gas emissions have unequivocally caused global warming. Widespread adverse impacts on people, living organisms, and the environment are already being observed, mostly affecting vulnerable communities who are least responsible for current climate change. Unless drastic mitigation and adaptation measures are taken, continued greenhouse gas emissions will further exacerbate dangerous climate change. This expert report maps and analyses the complex justice issues that arise in the context of climate change and evaluates policy responses to the impacts of climate change from a climate justice perspective.

This publication is funded by the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts as project of the Academy Program of the Federal Republic of Germany and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Title of seriesEthik in den Biowissenschaften – Sachstandsberichte des DRZE
Publication date31/12/2023
Publication date online31/12/2023
PublisherVerlag Karl Alber/ Nomos
Place of publicationBaden-Baden

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Professor Andrea Schapper

Professor Andrea Schapper

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