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Future of working at home



Marks A, Mallett O, Skountridaki L & Zschomler D (2024) Future of working at home. In: Forson C, Healy G, Ozturk MB & Tatli A (eds.) Research Handbook on Inequalities and Work. Cheltenham.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the experience of work forever. Specifically, the proportion of workers in Western Countries that now spend some of their time working from home has increased beyond expectations. This chapter explores the impact on workers of this rapid move to home working specifically in terms of wellbeing, the experience of technology and working hours. The survey and interview data used within this chapter is from a an ESRC funded project looking at home-based working during the pandemic. The chapter examines the impact of home based working on women and what the future of home-based and hybrid work may look like.

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Publication date online31/03/2024
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Professor Oliver Mallett

Professor Oliver Mallett

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Management, Work and Organisation

Dr Danny Zschomler

Dr Danny Zschomler

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