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How common is low pay in Britain and is it declining?



Forth J, Bryson A, Phan V, Ritchie F, Singleton C, Stokes L & Whittard D (2023) How common is low pay in Britain and is it declining?. Administrative Data Research UK. Data Insights. Swindon.

This Data Insight examines the incidence of low pay in Britain over the period 2004-2021 using two indicators that are the focus of government policy. The analyses use data developed as part of the Wage and Employment Dynamics project1, funded by ADR England. We use the data to identify and adjust for biases in estimates of the incidence of low pay. We show that the incidence of minimum wage employment is under-estimated. We also show that the incidence of low pay has been falling faster than previously thought.

FundersUK Research and Innovation
Title of seriesData Insights
Publication date30/04/2023
Publication date online30/04/2023
Publisher URL…is-it-declining/
Place of publicationSwindon

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Dr Carl Singleton

Dr Carl Singleton

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