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Shaping a wellbeing economy for Scotland: introducing a 'new grammar' of human flourishing



Roy M & Lorimer K (2022) Shaping a wellbeing economy for Scotland: introducing a 'new grammar' of human flourishing. In: A Better Nation: The Challenges of Scottish Independence. Edinburgh: Luath, pp. 128-137.

First paragraph: A central tenet of arguments for and against independence for Scotland is the ability, or otherwise, to plot a different economic course to that of the rest of the UK. There has been some evidence of feelings of genuine admiration at home and abroad–within progressive circles, at least –at signals that Scotland is ready to embrace what has become known as the ‘Wellbeing Economy’ model: an economy designed to work for people and the planet, rather than the other way around (Coscieme et al., 2019; Costanza et al., 2018; Trebeck and Williams, 2019). In the clamour to find new ideas and thinking to shape post-pandemic political economies–recognising the destructive qualities of neoliberal capitalism in terms of ever-growing inequalities, the climate crisis, the rise of populism and extremism –the idea of repositioning a national polity and economy to focus on wellbeing has captured the imagination of politicians and policymakers across the globe. Not least, this is because of recognition that the impacts of the pandemic have been felt profoundly unequally, with poor and disabled people, ethnic minorities, and women all being disproportionately affected (Scottish Government, 2020).

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