Project Report

WISE Impact: An Outcome Study Focused on WISE in the Mental Health Sector



Lysaght R, Fecica A, Brock K, Krupa T, Packalen K, Ross L & Roy M (2022) WISE Impact: An Outcome Study Focused on WISE in the Mental Health Sector. Employment and Social Development Canada. Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

This project examined the social, economic and health impacts of Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) in the mental health sector in Ontario in order to: 1. Profile the population with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) who work in Ontario WISEs; 2. Measure social and labour market integration outcomes achieved over a 3-year span; and, 3. Identify the changes in socio-economic indicators for people remaining in WISEs versus those who leave for secure employment in a competitive business. Our study included 7 WISE organizations representing over 15 distinct businesses. All were located in Ontario, do business in the open market, have a mission focused on improving employment outcomes, and operate successful businesses that have demonstrated sustainability.

FundersGlasgow Caledonian University
Publication date31/07/2022
Publication date online31/07/2022
Place of publicationQueen's University, Kingston, Ontario

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Professor Michael Roy

Professor Michael Roy

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