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Bridge at the Top: Behind the Screens



Punch S (2021) Bridge at the Top: Behind the Screens. Toronto: Master Point Press.

In the course of researching the sociology of bridge, sociologist Dr. Sam Punch has been able to interview many of the world's top bridge personalities. The topics of these conversations were wide-ranging, and included the dynamics at the table, challenges, motivations, emotions, partnerships, teammates, skill development and gender issues. Top players, coaches and even sponsors talk frankly about what life in the top echelons of bridge is all about - and give the reader a revealing glimpse of what it is really like 'behind the screens'. The best interviews are collected in this book and they offer fascinating insights into what it takes to be a top player or coach. As a bonus, each subject offers his or her favourite bridge tip.

Mindsport; Bridge; Cardgame

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Publication date31/12/2021
Publication date online31/05/2021
PublisherMaster Point Press
Place of publicationToronto

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Professor Samantha Punch

Professor Samantha Punch

Professor, Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology

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