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Evolution of Scenario Planning: Theory and Practice from Disorder to Order



(2023) Evolution of Scenario Planning: Theory and Practice from Disorder to Order. Berlin: De Gruyter. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110792065

Scenario planning is a long and well-established approach to help leaders create novel insights and challenge what they know of the world to influence future action. But as the world becomes increasingly unpredictable, leaders must question the traditional mode of analysing the contextual environment and adopt new capabilities to embrace change while they redefine and reframe their organisation for the future. The Evolution of Scenario Planning explores the pervasive nature of change. It provides a contemporary approach to using scenarios as strategic conversation to embrace experiences – past and present – to create novel understanding and insights. The book uses case studies and practical examples to guide facilitators in applying the scenario process in their organisation. Leaders, senior managers, consultants and academics will learn how to engage with scenarios as a central element of strategy and better understand their role in strategic leadership. They will also gain insight into the skills and capabilities revealed during the process of strategic conversation, where ambiguity and equivocality is a natural feature of such conversation. The Evolution of Scenario Planning makes a compelling case for using scenarios to enable leaders to develop foresight and attunement to grasp the ongoing dynamic of their uncertain and ambiguous world. Provides new insights about theory and practice that will help reduce some of the ‘perceived’ confusion about scenario planning Highlights the characteristics and requirements of individuals and organisations to develop foresight with scenarios

Scenarios and Foresight; Entrepreneurial Imagination; Socially Negotiated Strategic Conversations; Making Sense of Experiences; Managing Strategic Change

Publication date31/10/2023
Publication date online31/10/2023
PublisherDe Gruyter
Place of publicationBerlin

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Professor George Burt

Professor George Burt

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