Government-public relationships in the context of mega sport events: conceptualisation and scale development



Kim S, Manoli AE, Pyun DY & Kenyon JA (2023) Government-public relationships in the context of mega sport events: conceptualisation and scale development. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsership, 24 (5), pp. 1055-1074.

Purpose: Enthusiasm for hosting mega sport events has been dampened mainly due to the opposition of local communities. Although the use of public relations that aims for two-way communication to build mutual understanding and the long-term relationship could be an effective tool in diminishing the opposition, little research exists that interprets the social concern with public relations theoretical lens. In this light, the primary purpose of the present study was to conceptualise government-public relationships in the context of mega sport events and to develop a valid and psychometrically sound scale to measure the relationship quality between two entities. Design/methodology/approach: An initial pool of 23 potential government-public relationship items was drawn through item generation processes, including research synthesis and content validity. Then, this study collected 254 respondents via online surveys and split the total sample into two sets for exploratory factor analysis and (n 5 127) and confirmatory factor analysis (n 5 127). Findings: As a result, the scale of the government-public relationships consists of 17 items representing three dimensions: control mutuality, trust and satisfaction. Originality/value: The developed government-public relationship scale furnishes event marketers and researchers with a solid framework and a measurement tool for empirical examinations. The current research reveals that the dimensionality, reliability and validity of the three latent government-public relationships dimensions are satisfactory while failing to meet the general consensus that commitment is an important dimension of the existing organisation-public relationships scale.

Public relations; Scale development; Government-public relationships; Mega sport event; The Olympic games

Paper type Research paper

International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsership: Volume 24, Issue 5

Publication date30/11/2023
Publication date online31/10/2023
Date accepted by journal05/07/2023

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Dr Sungkyung Kim

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