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Cultural Value and Professionalization of Emerging Contemporary Artists



Fillis I, Lee B & Fraser I (2023) Cultural Value and Professionalization of Emerging Contemporary Artists. In: Wyszomirski MJ & Chang W (eds.) Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 164-183.

For newly graduated art school students to become professional artists in the long-term, self-sustaining income-generating practices beyond selling their art are often required. We focus on how a prestigious annual contemporary art exhibition contributes to the professionalization process through its ability to synthesize market production and consumption activities involving the exhibiting artists, art schools, partnering organizations, and members of the public. The exhibition acts as a platform for the professionalization of the newly graduated art school students. We recommend that art school students graduate with both artistic creative competencies and a range of embedded entrepreneurial skills relating to networking, idea generation, and creativity in order for them to sustain their professional artist status. Sustained institutional, peer, and wider network support for artists is required if they are to survive professionally, economically, and artistically. Our work also informs theory and practice in the wider cultural landscape, including cultural entrepreneurship.

FundersAHRC Arts and Humanities Research Council
Publication date31/12/2023
Publication date online31/10/2023
Place of publicationAbingdon

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Professor Ian Fraser

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