‘I can see what's going on without being nosey…’: What matters to people living with dementia about home as revealed through visual home tours



Campbell S, Clark A, Keady J, Manji K, Odzakovic E, Rummery K & Ward R (2023) ‘I can see what's going on without being nosey…’: What matters to people living with dementia about home as revealed through visual home tours. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 38 (9), Art. No.: e5999.

Objectives: This paper considers home from the perspective of people living with dementia supporting ongoing discourse around ageing in place and the significance of creating more inclusive communities. Methods: Forty‐six home tour interviews led by people living with dementia were conducted in England and Scotland to better understand the connectivity between home and neighbourhood for people living with dementia. These interviews used a range of participatory and creative approaches including video, photographic images and in situ interviews. Data were analysed via reflexive thematic analysis. Results: Three themes were identified in data analysis. 1. Connected home and neighbourhood, where participants revealed the dynamic relationship between home and neighbourhood; 2. Practices of home, where participants discussed the everyday nature of their homes and routines; and 3. Displaying home and family, which reflected participant's biographical homes in the context of living with dementia. Discussion: The findings show that home holds multiple meanings for people living with dementia. For example, home is understood as a part of the neighbourhood and an extension of the home space into gardens and backyards, thus extending existing discourses that solely focus on the inside of people's homes. For people living with dementia, homes are also sites of negotiation and renegotiation where new meanings are created to reflect the changing nature and context of the home. There is not one fixed solution to these issues. Support and understanding for people living with dementia will need to evolve to adapt to the shifting dynamics and multiple meanings of home.

ageing in place; connections; dementia; display; everyday routines; gardens and outdoor spaces; home tours; home; neighbourhood; participatory; visual data

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry: Volume 38, Issue 9

Publication date30/09/2023
Publication date online30/09/2023
Date accepted by journal21/08/2023

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